Certina DS Action Diver Kinetic Energy Series Diving Watch

Whether it is leisure sports or work and life, in the city, we all need a wrist timepiece with excellent performance and beautiful appearance to ensure excellent performance in various use environments. In recent years, diving sports watches have become popular in the watch market due to their versatile, stylish appearance and excellent quality and performance.replica watches The DS Action Diver kinetic energy series diving watch of the famous Swiss watch brand CERTINA is one of the representatives. 1. Because of the turtle pattern engraved on the back cover, this series of watches is also called "turtle watch". In 2017, the brand launched the new Certina DS Action Diver kinetic energy series diving watch at the much-anticipated Basel Watch and Jewellery Fair. In addition to inheriting the mechanical device and waterproof performance of the traditional turtle watch, it integrates CERTINA. In addition to the (DS) dual insurance technology, the brand has added more superior performance such as an 80-hour power reserve and a 300-meter waterproof rating, which once again injects vitality into this "turtle that has swam for half a century".

The new "Turtle" inherits the excellent characteristics of the "Turtle" watch as a whole, including the DS dual insurance technology that the brand is proud of, the ISO 6245 diving watch standard, and the design style of the "Turtle" diving watch in general. The difference is that the new "Turtle" has a trapezoidal design of the four main hour markers on the plate details, the calendar display window is moved up to the 3 hour marker position, the red diving word mark element and the eye-catching red second hand design are more in line with the modern Aesthetics and reading habits. A dot fluorescent coating design is added to the triangle logo of the unidirectional rotating bezel above the 12 o'clock scale, making underwater timekeeping more eye-catching and presenting the excellent performance of the new watch in details. The movement as the heart has also been replaced. The Powermatic 80 long-power movement on the new watch has an 80-hour power reserve. When the watch is full, there is no need to adjust the time if the watch is not worn for three days.

The 43 mm 316L frosted stainless steel case is equipped with a blue aluminum alloy unidirectional rotating bezel. The outer extension of the bezel has been carefully polished, which makes the operation feel very superior. The blue bezel has a striking white Arabic numeral logo and a new fluorescent coating origin design at the position of the triangle needle, making underwater timing more intuitive. The protective spiral crown is designed with a non-slip texture and has the acronym "DS" (Double Insurance Technology) on the top. The protective screw crown is locked at the beginning and can be unlocked by turning it counterclockwise. The first gear pulled out is for calendar adjustment, and the second gear is for time adjustment.fake watches By pressing inward and turning the crown clockwise, the crown can be locked again, enhancing the water resistance of the watch and accidental damage.

The new watch is re-arranged on the dial, and the blue gradient design is not only integrated with the watch bezel, but the slightly darker blue makes the time indication more obvious, intuitive, and convenient for viewing the time. The original diving timepiece is transformed into a more three-dimensional shape, and the red-letter diving level logo and the calendar are moved up to make the dial look more harmonious. The hour markers and hands of different shapes are covered with the Super-LumiNova luminous logo, which emits a green light in a darker environment. You can observe the time no matter you are underwater or at night.

The dense bottom technology and DS double insurance technology make this watch full of safety and a waterproof depth of 300 meters. It is equipped with the Powermatic 80-hour long-powered movement inside, which has 80-hour long-term power to ensure accurate travel time. It is equipped with a three-row frosted stainless steel bracelet with a double-button folding clasp and a professional extension member for diving watches to fit the wrists of different wearers. Compared with the previous paragraph, the new buckle not only simplifies the wearing operation, but also has a more ornamental appearance. In addition, there are other styles to choose from, such as black dial models and other material straps, such as rubber straps.